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How to get more customers

How to get more customers

This is something I get asked on a daily basis, so I thought why not type up a document that goes over everything you can do to get more customers.

Salons and hairdressers

The way I see this business is that “mums or females” are our target audience. This may be stereotyping and I apologise to you men out there. But the whole time ive had my business, it’s the women that are organising balloons for all events. There is the odd man out there that does splash the cash on balloons, but id say 95% of the time it’s a woman customer. So lets target them…. You need to be everywhere that women go. Ring round your local hair dressers and beauty salons and offer them a cost price display. Lets face it, us women love a pamper day. So create a display at the salon and leave your business cards there. I guarantee you’ll get jobs from it.

Facebook local mum groups

Post on your local mums pages on facebook. This is exactly what got my business going. This is where it all began. I posted a photo of a number stack on a Southampton mums forum on facebook and within 30 mins I had over 100 messages! I was creating up to 17 number towers a day. Even if number towers isn’t the route you want to go down, it’s a bloody good place to start. Repeat customers are everything in this industry. So by getting them to come to you for the smaller stuff this will expand to the bigger displays. Trust me, this is exactly what happened to me. Post a number stack that is aimed at children, all us mums like to go all out on our little darlings (or terrors) birthdays. I posted a toy story bundle on the Southampton forum.


Get yourself a hoody or t-shirt made up with your business details on the back and wear it everywhere. This is amazing free advertisement. You never know who is walking behind you. So treat it like everyone is your customer.

Tell everyone

Whether you’re out walking your dog or at asda food shopping, tell everyone you speak to you do balloons for a living. What have you got to lose? Who cares if you feel uncomfortable for those split seconds you tell them. Those people you tell could turn out to be the most loyal customer you’ve ever had and if they don’t order from you? So what! You’ve lost absolutely nothing from telling them. I shout it from the rooftop that I do balloons. When I say ive grafted to get to where I am today, I bloody have. I don’t just sit back and let it fall into my lap. I told everyone I encountered that I do balloons. My business cards were always in my handbag ready to give out. This is why having an unforgettable name helps too. Lets be serious, no-one will forget my business name. which absolutely helped me when I was telling every tom, dick and harry that I do balloons.


Lets strip this back to the classic old school leaflet dropping. Get yourself on Vistaprint and print out 1000 leaflets and go around your local area posting them through peoples doors. Not everyone is obsessed with social media and may miss your posts etc. Posting a leaflet could put an idea in someones head that they would have never thought of. If you have kids take them to school drop offs and pick ups, hand them out. Ask the school if they can hand them out to every child to put in their bag at the end of the day. Not got kids? Get yourself leaflet dropping near the school, aim to catch them mums.

There is always notice boards in local areas. See if you can get a leaflet put up on one of them.

Wedding fayres

This is a big market to get into, the one that holds all the money. I remember organising my wedding and everytime I put wedding in front of what I wanted I was charged at least double what it costs any other time! Its madness. People pay out crazy amounts for their wedding days, so getting into this market is a no brainer.

Email all your local wedding venues and offer a display at their next wedding fayre. I have already uploaded a template of what you can email. Ive had many of you guys message me sayhing you’ve done this and its worked. So if you’ve not done so already what are you waiting for?!

Visit venues in person and introduce yourself and ask if they have any space on their recommended supplier lists. If not leave your business cards and hopefully they’ll get in contact when they do have space. By going in person you are leaving a lasting impression.

Social media and faking it

Social media is a biggy! I stand by the fact that if you look busy and popular on social media then more people will feel like they should order from you. They’ll think “they must be good they are always busy” I know im drawn more to businesses that look more experienced. This is where I also think “fake it till you make it” benefits you too. You all know I stand by this phrase. People will only order what they see. If they see lots of bigger displays they’ll be more inclined to order bigger displays from you. Doing this will also give you a chance to practice your techniques. Customers don’t know that the displays are done in your lounge or garden. Say they are done for a customer’s “30th” or something like that. If you scroll back on my Instagram there is a white double hoop on a beach with the sun setting in the middle. I made out this was for a wedding. I went out in 40mph winds to create this display for a fake it till I make it display. I couldn’t tell you how many jobs I got from this one fake setup!

Word of mouth

Make sure you are polite and super helpful with every enquiry; you never know who is going to order from you or recommend you. Making sure you go above and beyond for every customer will mean they will always recommend you to their friends and family. This is your biggest form of advertisement, so never forget that.


Facebook and Instagram ads are also available to use. These do cost money but if you get your target audience right and on point then they can prove to be super helpful. Ive only ever used these when Instagram have offered me free credit and it did draw more traffic to my Instagram, which in turn created more sales. Im not an expert on these types of adverts but I would definitely recommend giving them a go.

There are so many ways you can get yourself out there more. But please remember customers don’t just fall into your lap, you need to put the work into reaching them. Also bare in mind that the world is a very unstable place at the minute with the cost of living increasing, so people are holding off going big at events. But we will get through it and come out the other side again. Just keep pushing the smaller items to see you through this recession.

If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to message me.

You’ve got this blowers!!

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