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Number stack pricelist

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Number stacks are what I based my business off for the first 6 months and they are a massive, important part of my journey. I really stand by you should be offering these. They are super easy to do and quick money makers. I used to smash one out in 10 mins and make around £20 profit minimum. Where else can you make £20 for 10 mins work? The majority of my days I was making up to 17 number stacks. This was always laying the foundation of my business. I was building up my clientele continuously with number stacks. These customers then went on to order the bigger displays from myself too.

Yes this may not be where you want to be and may not be your passion or what you want to do. But these really are what will keep you ticking over. Try your hardest to have set collection times, as I speak from experience, it causes a strain on home life. The door bell continuously going, not being able to just nip out to the shop as you’re waiting for someone to show up. It all affects you. So keep to set collection times each day.

Try and keep your pricelist as simple as you can, so you don’t stress over pricing. Having generic price list and an extras pricelist will really help keep it as stress free and as simple as possible.

Ive typed up what my list was and I kept my number stacks billy bob basic. Just because it never was my passion and quite frankly im crap at twisting. Haha.

Single Base towers

Single number, no extra foils or details – £25

Double number, no extra foils or details - £30

Single number with extra mini foils or details - £30

Double number with extra foils or details - £35

Large base towers

Single number with orbz or 18” foil - £35

Double number with orbz or 18” foil - £40

Double number with no added foil or orbz - £35


Personalised with name - £3

Mini foils - £3 each

260 art – Price dependent on design. Remember to quote for each of these. They cost pence but make you pounds. So Charge per extra thing.

This is just a guide, don’t take this as this is what you should be charging. Again its area based and its ultimately up to you. This is just to give you an idea and to show you what I charge/charged.

Any questions please let me know. Don’t forget there are some 260 twisting tutorials that you can use to add details to your number stacks.

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Could you update the pricing for this year?

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