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Venue flower and prop Ts and Cs

Updated: Oct 16

I have attached a print out that I get the Venue to sign when I've set up at a venue. This covers me for any damages etc if my setup is moved or taken down by the staff at the Venue. This will stop any responsibilities being passed from pillar to post. If the venue move your setup they are then liable for it. Not the customer who booked with you.

Venue Terms and conditions

To limit the risk of damage to any props or flowers that Blow it with Bex has installed on (insert date here) we recommend that all décor remain in the position they were installed in. In the event of this advice being ignored by the venue, any damage caused to the equipment used, is to be paid for by the venue (insert venue here) and any missing florals will also be paid for by the venue.

In the setup installed by Blow it with Bex (insert quantity) flowers were used.


Signed (Bex):

Signed (Venue):

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