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Wedding retail frame backdrop

In this tutorial i create another display using the retail stand.

I use:

5", 12" and 18" balloons

retail stand

Parasol sand bags


Mr and mrs neon from

cable ties to attach neon to the frame

How to:

Starting with a bigger cluster at the bottom, i attach to the frame with a 260. Tying cluster to cluster going up the sides and behind the frame. I dont put clusters with 18" balloons on behind the frame, only on the sides. Keep going until the whole back of the frame is covered. I also fan out the clusters on the bottom of the sides. tailing it off with smaller clusters on the ends. At the top i add smaller clusters to the display, to get rid of the straight line. We all know I hate those! I then add on my 5" trios and mini garlands. The final step is adding the florals.

during this tutorial i hated what i was creating. it wasn't until the end, when i realised i loved it! This shows you to TRUST THE PROCESS!

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1 Comment

I REALLY LOVE THIS! is this a retro colour? where did you get your flowers from?

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