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Single spiral sailboard

In this tutorial I show you how to create another display on a single sailboard. Using only 13 clusters.

what I used:


5", 12" and 18" kalisan balloons in retro white.

sticky hooks off amazon



How much i would charge:

£50 hire of sailboard

£30 hire of foliage

£105 for 3 meters of balloons

45p travel charge x 4 journeys

Using 3 clusters going horizontal I create a base at the bottom left of the sailboard. I then build on top of it creating a bigger base. The base is attached to the back using the outdoor amazon sticky hooks and a 260.

I then add one cluster over to the right hand side of the sailboard. Giving the illusion that the balloons are running in a diagonal behind the board. when in fact they don't at all. they stop at the base.

I then add some balloons at the top of the sailboard to again give the illusion the balloons have diagonally gone behind the sailboard. At the top of these clusters i add 2 quads of 5" balloons to create a point at the top.

I then add my 5" trios on and my foliage.

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