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Single sailboard, design 3

In this tutorial i show you how to create another design on a single sailboard setup.

How to:

Start with a larger size cluster at the base of one size, attach to the back of the sailboard using a 260 and an outdoor sticky hook. The add more clusters tying neck to neck. Making sure you change up the sizes of cluster each time. So they arent all the same size. Staying away from the basic uniform effect.

Make sure some clusters sit infront of the board and some behind. Why have a shaped sailboard if you cant see the shape?!

once you have gone all the way around the top and sides of the sailboard. You now need to build on your "spine" by adding mini clusters. These tie neck to neck to 2 different clusters. so they sit perfectly between the two clusters. These can be pushed slightly to the back. I also add these onto the ends of each side. So it tails off the design. rather than it ending abruptly . Then add on your 5" trios or mini garlands.

what i used:

5", 12" and 18" balloons.


amazon sticky hooks

sailboard (husband made it)


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