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Single Hoop display

In this tutorial i show you how to create a single hoop display.

I used:

5", 12" and 18" kalisan balloons in navy, sage and clay pink


1.8 meter hoop from Sandra's chair covers

How to create it:

Using clusters of 8 make sure your balloons are inflated to about 8.5". The bigger the balloons the fuller it looks. Wrap your clusters onto the hoop the whole way round. Making sure your 18" are always face on. Also make sure your clusters are tight to each other.

At the bottom of your hoop, secure your clusters on with a 260 and tie them neck to neck with the clusters next to them.

Add your 5" trios on tying neck to neck, colour to colour.

Add your foliage or flowers.

What I would charge:

£175 for the hoop

£30 Hire of neon sign

£30 hire of flowers/Foliage

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2 comentarios

Beautiful! Then do you go pick this up after the event?

Me gusta
Contestando a

Yes collect all your hire items/props. Balloons are the clients up to them if the keep or dispose x

Me gusta
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