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outdoor setup

This tutorial is a pretty special one for me. I filmed it outdoors to go over how to use the outdoor hooks and connection points. i have also filmed information on oxidising and balloon shine, which i will upload separately.

Unfortunately my camera stopped filming on my recap of what I did and I didn't realise. so ill recap on here...

I attached my outdoor hooks on the fence and walls straight away. I built my garlands and attached to the hooks or trellis with 260s. I made sure my garlands weren't in straight lines and even bridged some gaps with the 5" mini garlands in this tutorial and I absolutely loved the outcome! I shall be doing this more. I made sure all my 18" were face on and that the garlands looked good behind the numbers. I then added my 5" balloons. I didn't film the pipe and drape section of this display as I have previously done this. I did however film adding flowers which I will upload in another tutorial.

In this tutorial I used kalisan fuscia, coral and dark green. In sizes 5", 12", 18" and 24".

I also used the amazon sticky hooks. There is a link to them on the instagram grid.

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Congratulations & it looks amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!

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