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Not lamp Garland

In this tutorial I show you how to create a freestanding garland using a not lamp. This is perfect for when customers wont allow you to use command hooks. super easy to do. I have added the screenshots of the metal rod i used in the tutorial.

I used:

5" 12" and 18" balloons

not lamp stand

metal rod from b and q (6mm 2 meter)

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Ehen you pricing your balloon garland for example 2m in this case, do you charge for 2m only or do you charge extra for adding more balloons to change the shape or thickness of the garland?


Do you have a tutorial or suggestions for a garland around the perimeter of a doorframe for an indoor party?


Do you have a link to the not lamp? Thank you


Hi xx could I use this method with the led numbers if the prop hire company doesn’t allow me to use command hooks on their numbers ?xx


When you say cluster of 6 is 6 12 inch or 3 12” and 3 5”

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