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Double hoop Tutorial

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

How to create my famous double hoop. Using a 2 meter hoop from sandras chair covers:

The sand bags i used are linked down below:

The Colours I used are all Kalisan balloons ordered from Proballoon shop. They are:


Dusty rose

Wild berry


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Hi were can we buy the hoop from europe ? its just uk/ireland


Hi, Iam from latino America and I dont understand english very well. I can only see. Please How Many inches are Balloons in the first arch? Thank you

Replying to

I believe they are 12 inches. It's 17 clusters of 8 on the outside and 13-14 clusters of 6 on the inside. They are all 12 inches, I believe


Hi Bex, on the doible hoop the smaller clusters of 6, what size roughly would you say they are inflated to. Going to try thistomorrow.

Torri Parmley
Torri Parmley
Aug 27, 2022
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They are a size of 6 inches

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