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Clothes Rail

In this tutorial I show you how to create a design using a habitat clothes rail.

Using only 12" and 5" balloons.

Neon sign from flex neon.

Flowers from the range and Ikea

Kalisan balloons in colours: Flamingo pink, eucalyptus, dark green, desert sand, white sand, mutant print eucalyptus and mirror white gold.

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7 comentarios

Narcia Charlery
Narcia Charlery
25 ago 2022

This is beautiful :) I cant wait to try this 🎈

Me gusta

Peta  Kucas
Peta Kucas
17 may 2022

Love this 100%

Me gusta

Beautiful!!! What size is the neon sign in this display?

Me gusta

Beautiful 💕

Me gusta

Loved seeing your daughter in the video.. my daughter would be doing the same.

Me gusta
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